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We know that choosing a new ticketing system can be a daunting task.
How do you compare one system against another?
How do you know you've made the right choice?

So to help you, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about InterTicket.

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World! Why should we choose InterTicket?

The InterTicket ticketing system is designed as a full featured, easy to use, yet low cost web based system that efficiently and cost effectively handles all box office ticketing operations for organizations of any size …from small, single venue, non profit organizations selling as few as 1000 tickets per year to large country wide organizations with multiple venues and ticket outlets, selling well over one million tickets per year.

With advanced point, click and select online ticket selling capabilities, ability to sell ticket worldwide and integrated phone, subscription, walk up, outlet and Internet sales capability, InterTicket can meet the needs of the most diverse range of ticketing environments – stadiums, theatres, concert halls, convention centers, cinemas, schools, universities, clubs and more.

How much does InterTicket cost?

InterTicket simply charges a small fee on all tickets sold through our system. You can easily pass this fee to the ticket buyer if you wish. Although this charge is one of the lowest in the industry, our system is nevertheless one of the most feature packed systems available. And we don’t force you to sign long term contracts, charge expensive set up fees, or lumber you with ongoing monthly service fees.

Just talk to one of our representatives and we'll surely prove to you that InterTicket is the most competitively priced ticketing solution in the industry.

In which countries or regions can we use InterTicket?

InterTicket can be used by organizations located anywhere in the world and is available in different language configurations including English, Hungarian, Espanol, Svenska, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, German, French, Romanian, Chinese, Slovak, Dansk, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Czech, Portuguese and Georgian. You can quickly and easily switch languages used by ticket sellers and administrators from the main menu.

Do we have to sign a contract?

No. You just need to sign a simple two page User Registration Agreement which basically confirms the fee payable by you on each ticket sold and when these fees are payable. You are free to terminate the agreement for any reason whatsoever on 90 days notice. We don't lock you into any long term contracts or force you to pay extra charges or higher fees if you decline to sign up for years on end.

How does InterTicket work with our website?

During the purchase and checkout phase, your patrons are seamlessly transferred to a unique web address on our servers. All the web pages in this purchase and checkout phase are matched exactly to your site's layout using templates and style sheets for a seamless and secure purchase experience.
Patrons select seats and securely purchase tickets without appearing to leave your website.

How do I print and deliver tickets to our online customers?

Your customers can choose from print-at-home with bar code security, will call (box office collection) or mailed tickets. Customers receive an email receipt with all event and ticket information immediately after purchase.

How do you stop people from duplicating their print-at-home tickets?

The only sure way to guarantee a print-at-home ticket has not been duplicated is to print a unique barcode on each ticket and to scan each ticket at the event entry to check for validity. All InterTicket print-at-home tickets are printed (optionally) with barcodes. If your venue has barcode scanners or barcode readers or if you connect a wireless or hand held scanner to your PC, you simply scan the tickets at the entrance.

Alternatively PDF tickets printed online can be custom printed not only with event name, time, seat numbers, but also with the customer name, address and phone number, so you can check tickets against customer IDs if necessary.

Can I auto-schedule events to go on sale on a particular date?

For internet sales you can not only schedule the date and time when you wish any particular event to go on sale, but you can also schedule the date when you want details of the event to visible to the public (but not yet on sale).

Can I include shipping/handling fees and credit card charges to internet sales?

You have complete control to add any shipping and handling fees to your orders. You can add any additional processing fees you like. Fees can be applied to individual tickets or the complete transaction and can be based on either the percentage of the ticket or transaction value or a fixed amount.

Can we include an option to ask for donations during checkout?

At this moment InterTicket does not support the ability to accept donations during checkout. However this feature will be added in a future upgrade (at no extra cost)

Can I setup multiple venues and events within a single account?

Certainly. You can set up any number of events and/or performances at any number of venues with just one account. You can also assign specific events to different owners should you wish, for accounting and financial purposes.

Can I reserve seating for media, special guests, handicapped and comps?

Yes. You can set aside seats or entire sections and print a handy guest list from the system prior to the event if you wish.

Can our patrons exchange or return tickets?

Yes. Your patrons can easily exchange or return tickets if they wish. You can apply a fee to the refund/exchange transaction if you wish.

How can InterTicket help us promote our events?

Full patron profiles with associated transaction records are stored in the database for your reporting and marketing purposes. You can send emails and print labels or envelopes for mail outs directly from the system to customers pre-selected by the events they attended, dates of events or other user defined categories.

What hardware do we need to use InterTicket ?

A computer running Windows software and high-speed Internet access is all you need to use InterTicket.

What software do we need to install?

InterTicket does not require software to be installed on your computer nor does it touch your system's registry. You just need to store apron 30MB of files on your computer which includes ticket formats and an executable file to access the internet host. On our standard hosted system, the basic software resides on our servers, so no additional software is required. Each online box office is given a unique and secure login to access ticket sales, reporting, event setup etc.

What type of ticket printers can we use?

If you don’t wish to purchase a specialized ticket printer (which can easily cost over $2000) you can also print tickets with a laser or inkjet printer on Letter or A4 size sheets. Blanks suitable for printing tickets complete with perforated stubs can be purchased from specialist stationary suppliers. You can also use low cost Dymo Labelwriters to print tickets.

Can InterTicket be used in more than one terminal?

InterTicket can be used across multiple terminals and box offices. You can sell tickets anywhere in the world, live from your database and seating chart if you have access to a PC with high speed internet connection.

Can we sell tickets online and via the box office simultaneously?

Yes. The InterTicket system can process ticket requests from multiple box office locations at the same time.

Can we process season subscriptions?

InterTicket can easily record and process season/series subscriptions for mail, email, phone or fax bookings as well offering the ability for subscribers to purchase season tickets online. Seats can be allocated to multiple events in a season with just single mouse click. And at the end of a season, bookings can be automatically rolled over to the next season, retaining each patrons existing seat number.

Can we sell gift certificates?

Yes. Gift certificates can be sold and redeemed online or at the box office. Gift certificates can also be "topped up" at any time and can be printed with customized messages at time of purchase - such as "Happy birthday, Julie!"

What reports can InterTicket produce?

InterTicket generates in-depth, real-time reports on-the-fly, enabling your organization to instantly evaluate every aspect of its ticketing operation.

How are credit card transactions processed for online ticket purchases?

You are always in control of your money. Unlike other systems, we do not handle credit card processing (unless specifically requested). Normally you establish your own Merchant Account and Payment Gateway (e.g. or PayPal) and then we use the settings provided to set up the connection between your nominated Gateway and the InterTicket system. When customers pay for tickets by credit card, all money is transferred directly into your bank account via your Gateway/Merchant Account. There is no waiting period for InterTicket to process and remit your ticket sales revenue.

What customer service does InterTicket offer?

We provide unlimited email and phone support at no cost. You’ll receive as much support and guidance as you need every step of the way — from setting up your website, setting up your event schedules, designing ticket layouts, to managing ticket sales online or at the box office.

How secure is our data?

InterTicket software maintains the highest level of security for both you and your patrons with secure servers. Databases are backed up every night and copied to an off site machine.



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Anyway… last night was our first show using the Tickets system, and all-in-all it went stupendously!!! I’m glad we found you. You are very nice to work with.

Annie F
Millennium Repertory Co. TN

In the UK, other ticketing software was very expensive - for us the Tickets program is perfect.  The customer service is second to none.

Vicky E
Far Out Theatre, Yorkshire
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