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InterTicket is a powerful but flexible ticketing system with all the tools you'll need to effectively sell tickets through your box office and online.
Take a look at the key features below that come standard with InterTicket. 
Then download use our handy Feature Comparison Chart to check the key differences between InterTicket and other ticketing systems.


General features

  • No limits on venues, seating configurations, pricing zones or seats
  • Reserved seats or general admission or both at same venue
  • Sell tickets via box office, phone or mail orders, network sales and online
  • No limits on season packages /subscription tickets
  • Fully hosted or in house hosting configurations - easy switching as required
  • No limits on users, box office outlets or resellers
  • No geographical limits... use anywhere in the world
  • No set up fees, software charges or monthly fees
  • No long term contracts or customer support charges

Administrators and users

  • Allows multiple users and top level administrator(s)
  • Windows style menus give quick and logical access to functions
  • Secure logon on with user name and password
  • Set user permissions limiting access to specific functions
  • Supports multiple languages

Box office ticket sales

  • Graphical interactive seating charts allow quick seat selection
  • Optional "Best available" seat selection with customizable rankings
  • Set date /time admission can commence
  • Sell extra tickets to reserved events - standing room, added seats etc.
  • View status on all seats – available, sold, reserved, resellers, vouchers, installments etc.
  • Click on seats to display customer, date purchased, ticket seller, price, bar code number
  • Collect information on how customers heard of an event
  • View seats allocated to any of your ticket resellers for each event
  • Accept reservations and auto release if not paid for by a specified date/time
  • Extend or shorten reservation release dates on individual seat basis
  • Sell to pre-existing customers in database or "anonymous" customers
  • Process refunds, exchanges, season ticket renewals etc.

Online ticket sales

  • Ticketing page exactly matches your web site – layout, colors, fonts, images, menus
  • Patrons "click and select" specific seat from interactive seating charts
  • Patrons can scroll and zoom to see and select specific seats
  • Seat, row and base price of ticket displayed by hovering over seats
  • Click on hyperlinks to see full details of events - synopsis, special info., parking, directions etc.
  • Auditoriums/venues can be displayed in full or section by section
  • Countdown timer releases seat if transaction not completed in a specified time
  • Set time scheduled events are visible on the network and separately available for purchase
  • Specify prices you want to be displayed online
  • Block out seats available for online sale on an event by event basis
  • Accept payments by credit card and/or PayPal
  • Add transaction fees or per ticket charges if required
  • Offer PDF print-at-home tickets, emailed exchange vouchers (will call) or mail out options

Ticket sales – by resellers

  • Supports unlimited numbers of ticket resellers - own, ticket office or 3rd party resellers
  • Set and record discounts offered to resellers
  • Set different discount/commission rates for both standard ticket sales or season ticket sales
  • Batch print tickets allocated to resellers
  • Automatically register tickets consigned to resellers as sold and charge to the reseller's account unless unsold tickets are returned by a specified date.

Season packages /Subscription tickets

  • Create unlimited types of season packages /subscriptions
  • Assign separate pricing schedules for series /subscriptions
  • Automatically assign same seat numbers to all performances /events in the season
  • Accept reservations with or without a deposit
  • Automatically “roll over” subscriptions to next season, retaining existing seat numbers

Gift Vouchers

  • Sell Gift vouchers with stored value
  • Create unlimited vouchers with specific stored values
  • Set validity date of vouchers (start and end)
  • Customers can add extra funds at time of purchase or later
  • Fully customizable printed vouchers - add text, images or graphics
  • Vouchers printed with bar codes for security and fraud protection
  • Customize vouchers with personal messages (e.g. Happy birthday!) at time of purchase

Discount cards

  • Sell cards giving discounts to specified events
  • Set validity for specific seasons and/or date range
  • Apply to all programs or specific groups of programs
  • Set for single use or repeat use for same program
  • Define maximum number of tickets that can be purchased
  • Set additional discounts after first discount applied

Ticket printing options

  • Optional print at home PDF tickets, mail out or emailed voucher for online sales
  • Print and issue box office tickets immediately or print later on demand
  • Print tickets with Windows supported printers or specialist thermal ticket printers
  • Allow network resellers (own or third party) to print tickets
  • Mobile phone ticketing options see more....

Payment methods, discounts and charges

  • Accept payments by cash, transfer, credit card, voucher, cheque, COD
  • Accept credit card payment via most major payment gateways including PayPal
  • Set up unlimited payment adjustments/transaction fees - c.card, postage etc.
  • Apply surcharges/transaction fees to each ticket or to the total transaction
  • Set surcharges/transaction fees as a % of ticket price/transaction or flat fee
  • Allow cumulative discounts/charges
  • Accept deposits for reservations on season/subscription tickets
  • Set or amend payment deadline for reserved tickets
  • Set multiple tax rates applying to tickets

Ticket customization & printing

  • Fully customizable tickets - add extra text, logos & graphics
  • Choose from over 140 different data strings
  • Create multiple ticket templates and assign to specific performances or events
  • All tickets printed with bar codes (11 bar code types supported) for added security
  • Print tickets with any Windows supported printer – no need for expensive specialist printers
  • Print tickets with Door/Gate number defined by each section in venue
  • Batch print tickets for specified sections of seating chart
  • Print tickets at time of booking or optionally at a later time
  • Reprint tickets on demand (and record reason for reprint)
  • Print address labels with customizable layout
  • Automatically halt sales of mail out tickets 7 days before event date
  • Print receipt/payment confirmation (optionally) at time ticket are printed
  • Optionally print single group tickets to general admission events instead of single tickets
  • Optionally print single tickets to season ticket events instead of multiple single tickets

Customer Database

  • Customer database record includes title, first name, last name, billing address, postcode/zip code, primary phone number, 2nd mobile/cell phone number, fax number, email address, company name, Tax/ABN
  • "Free form" remarks field allows specific notes to be entered about a customer
  • Auto-capitalization of first name, surname and address for quicker data entry
  • Set the order in which names are displayed e.g. “Fred Jones”, “Jones, Fred”
  • Enter concession or discount card numbers associated with specific customer
  • Set options for maintaining contact with customers (patron, email list, mailing list)
  • Locate patrons quickly and accurately by searching on specific customer fields
  • Eliminate / combine duplicate entries into a single entry
  • Export customer purchase information to .csv file
  • Print envelopes with customer names and addresses based on specific selection criteria
  • Access full customer transaction history
  • Promote upcoming events by bulk emailing direct from the database

Search & Find Capabilities

  • Display seats allocated to resellers for individual events
  • Display full list of all customers who have bought tickets to individual events
  • Click to display seats purchased by a specific customer to individual events
  • Search for events by auditoriums/venues, programs, events or dates
  • Search on customer database for specific customers by any field
  • View full history of any transaction - by user, transaction type, transaction date, customer, payment method or event


  • Run and access real time reports at anytime
  • Optional on-screen or printed reports
  • Download reports in .xls format for further analysis
  • Print list of reserved or sold tickets for any event
  • Instantly display what's sold or unsold
  • View and print complete customer transaction history


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What Our Clients Say

Anyway… last night was our first show using the Tickets system, and all-in-all it went stupendously!!! I’m glad we found you. You are very nice to work with.

Annie F
Millennium Repertory Co. TN

In the UK, other ticketing software was very expensive - for us the Tickets program is perfect.  The customer service is second to none.

Vicky E
Far Out Theatre, Yorkshire
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