Mobile Phone Ticketing


As phone technology constantly evolves, so too do the options available for purchasing and/or issuing "tickets" to events via mobile (cell) phones. To a large extent, the options available depend on the region and the phone services in operation.

Mobile phone ticketing services that have been implemented already include:


In Hungary, an iPhone app called "iTicket HU" links directly to a ticketing portal displaying numerous events in Hungary. After purchasing a ticket, the customer receives a bar coded PDF ticket on their iPhone that can be used for admission control at the venue.


SMS Ticket Delivery

A customer enters their mobile phone number on the ticketing web page at checkout which enables them to receive an SMS with the transaction details. The SMS contains:

  • a voucher number
  • the URL of the PDF tickets

Ticket Purchase by Mobile Phone

This feature requires negotiation with a mobile carrier in a specific region to set up, but basically works as follows:

  • The buyer sees a poster or other advertising material which displays a telephone number and an SMS code for a specific event
  • The customer sends an SMS to this phone number requesting X number of tickets of ticket type Y
  • In a few seconds he/she receives a reply SMS with an offer for X tickets and asking if he/she wants to accept and pay by mobile phone
  • Customer sends an OK in the SMS
  • The ticketing software sends a request to the mobile carrier (e.g. T-Mobile, or Vodafone) to charge the customer.
  • The mobile carrier sends an SMS to the customer asking if he accepts the charge.
  • Customer sends an OK message to accept the charge
  • Mobile carrier sends an SMS confirming the payment
  • Ticketing software sends an SMS with a voucher number confirming the ticket purchase

This "Pay by mobile phone" feature could potentially also be implemented with stored credit cards in the background or by allowing the customer to upload some credit to his/her account.



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What Our Clients Say

Anyway… last night was our first show using the Tickets system, and all-in-all it went stupendously!!! I’m glad we found you. You are very nice to work with.

Annie F
Millennium Repertory Co. TN

In the UK, other ticketing software was very expensive - for us the Tickets program is perfect.  The customer service is second to none.

Vicky E
Far Out Theatre, Yorkshire
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