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I have only shown one volunteer how to sell and reserve tickets (not the whole system - just a few key transactions).  It took 10 minutes …. 
When you first see the programmer it can be quite daunting, there are so many functions and it is quite time consuming to set up a show.  However, Malcolm will send you a quick start guide and if you follow this set by step you will be able to set up the system easily.  If you do get in a muddle, a quick email to Malcolm and he will save the day.
In the UK, other ticketing software was very expensive - for us the Tickets program is perfect.  The customer service is second to none

Vicky E, Far Out Theatre, Yorkshire UK - www.farouttheatre.com


The Tickets program has been just great in managing our season subscriptions, especially as we rely heavily on volunteers in our organization.  

We love the rollover feature which made it so much simpler to renew all our subscriptions  and the online ticketing has made it much easier to process orders, process credit card payments and issue tickets.

Probably one of the biggest advantages for us is that any of our people can log in at any time to sell tickets, set up events or whatever.

Ray K, Heidelberg Orchestras Inc., Australia - www.heidelbergsymphony.com.au


We love the software and how smooth it is for our customers!

Heidi D, Cumberland Players, USA - www.cumberlandplayers..com


We heard really great things about being able to purchase tickets online. I am pleased with the relationship with the Tickets program.

Julie K, St James Theatre, IL USA - www.stjamestheatre.org


FYI we're all having fun having a "real ticketing system"!
Thank you, as always, for your wonderful help

Annie F, The Community Playhouse, TN USA - www.communityplayhouse.org



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