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If you're looking for a new ticketing system, naturally you want a system that best suits your needs. The problem is, there's a lot of ticketing systems out there. So which one should you choose? And how should you decide?

To help you out, we've written a detailed guide on what to look for... essential components.... how to compare systems... what questions to ask, and more.


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Quick Tips

If you just want a few quick tips about how to choose a ticketing system, here's four for starters:

  • Narrow down the list

    You can't possibly compare every ticketing system that's available. So limit your options to companies with the most up to date technology... interactive seating charts with "click and select" ticket purchasing or bar coded tickets for example. Any company that can't offer such features is probably falling behind in technology.

  • Check out the ticketing pages of venues using each ticketing system

    If the ticketing company provides a list of web sites using their system, go to these sites, search the event list, select some tickets and check out the transaction process. Is the ticket selection and payment process quick and logical? If not, you can probably cross that system off your list.

  • Focus on what's most important to you

    Write down the top half dozen things that you really need in your ticketing system. Then, start filtering out the systems that don't match your needs. For those that do, contact the companies and ask them to elaborate on how their application supports those features. If possible, ask them to give you a demo. or at least show you some screen shots.

  • Test the company's customer service

    Start by sending an e-mail message with a few pre-sale questions. Look at the quality and speed of the reply. Did they take time to understand your specific needs, or did they simply reply with a template response? How fast did they reply?



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Anyway… last night was our first show using the Tickets system, and all-in-all it went stupendously!!! I’m glad we found you. You are very nice to work with.

Annie F
Millennium Repertory Co. TN

In the UK, other ticketing software was very expensive - for us the Tickets program is perfect.  The customer service is second to none.

Vicky E
Far Out Theatre, Yorkshire
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