How Does the Payment Processing Work?


As a default, funds are collected by InterTicket's merchant account. 
Optionally, you may set up your own merchant account to collect money from ticket sales directly on your bank account. 

Third Party Checkout

The customer leaves the ticketing page during the checkout process and goes to the payment processor's website to pay. Once the payment is completed, they return to the ticketing page. PayPal is probably the best known system of this type.

Direct Integration with Payment Gateway & Merchant Account

The customer remains on the ticketing page during the entire checkout process and our software communicates with the payment processor in the background.


1. Third Party Payment Processor Checkout

With a third party payment processor such as PayPal, you don’t need to set up a Merchant Account and Payment Gateway. You just need to sign up with PayPal and provide us with the necessary credentials called "API Signature" to link the payment page to PayPal.

PayPal is completely integrated into InterTicket as a payment option. You have the option of using PayPal Express or PayPal Website Payments Pro (Pro is available in USA, Canada and UK but may not be available at other countries.). PayPal Pro essentially operates similar to the Direct Integration method where the customer is not transferred to the PayPal website to pay.

The basic differences between these two PayPal options are as follows.

PayPal Express Checkout PayPal Website Payments Pro
Patrons are transferred to the PayPal site to pay Patrons enter credit card details directly on your payment page
No virtual terminal option Virtual terminal option for entering credit card details
Cannot directly enter credit card details Credit card details can be directly entered when selling tickets via your box office
Cannot use a swipe card reader Can use a swipe card reader
No monthly fees Additional monthly fee (around $US30.00)

2. Payment Gateway & Merchant Account

A Payment Gateway acts as the bridge between your patron's credit card account and your Internet Merchant Account. It validates and authorizes the credit card payment while the customer is still online.

A Merchant Account allows you to accept and receive credit card payments directly into your bank account.  
Because internet transactions are general rated as higher risk transactions by financial institutions, not only are card discount rates generally higher for Internet Merchant accounts, but you must apply for such accounts separately.

It's necessary to apply for both a Payment Gateway and Merchant Account to accept payments via the Direct Integration method.  However you'll find that many banks and third party financial organizations such as Merchant Plus or BAMS offer a service which combines the Payment Gateway and Merchant Account at more attractive rates than signing up for a Gateway and Merchant Account separately.

Two of the most commonly used Payment Gateways in the USA are and but other Payment Gateways compatible with the InterTicket system (but not necessarily integrated into the system just yet) include:

Payment Gateway Website
3DSI EC-Linx
ACH Payments
Bank Of America
Chase Merchant Services
Concord EFSNET
Cyber Source
DPI Link
ECX QuickCommerce
Fast Transact
GoRealTime (Full-pass)
Innovative Gateway
Intellipay ExpertLink
iTransact RediCharge HTML
Merchant Anywhere
Merchant Partners
MCPS Weblink
Network Merchants
NOVA's My Virtual Merchant
NOVA's Viaklix
Optimal Payments
PayPal / PayFlow Link
PayFlow Pro
PayFuse-First National MS
PayJunction Trinity
Chase Paymentech
Payment Express
Payments Gateway
Planet Payment
Plug 'n Pay
Sage Pay
RTWare WebLink
SurePay / YourPay
TransFirst eLink
USA ePay
Verisign PayFlow Pro
WorldPay Select Junior Invisible

If your preferred Payment Gateway provider is not on this list, please contact us.

For more information on how payment processing works and details of the process that takes place in the background, see our Receiving Payments page.



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In the UK, other ticketing software was very expensive - for us the Tickets program is perfect.  The customer service is second to none.

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